Agrismart – What’s in a name?

Agrismart is software that was initially built for the New Zealand Dairy Industry.

The driving reason behind tailoring our software to Dairy rather than general agriculture was due solely to the fact that at the time, there was no solution available that was tailored to dairy industry requirements around online time-sheets, payroll, an industry specific roster builder, task calendar and so on. Agrismart grew and matured based largely on our ongoing development model being heavily reliant on constructive feedback from our significant customer base.

So in a nutshell Agrismart was built largely around industry specific requirements driven by customer feedback.

So, what are the “Dairy Industry Specific Requirements”?

Hours of work and minimum wage:

It is no secret that hours worked over calving can be horrendous whilst occasionally lack of staff can also put pressure on remaining staff to work longer hours irrespective of the season…… So a simple and cost-effective solution that measures how salaried individuals are stacking up against minimum wage is a crucial measure on our Dashboard.

With historic changes to employment law making it illegal to average hours over an entire season and the new process of keeping track of salaried staff hours and making sure they are being paid at least the minimum hourly rate of pay for every hour worked actually became the “new normal” which became an important component in the direction of our development.

With the minimum wage now climbing annually and a new minimum hourly rate of $16.50 kicking in on April 1st this year it is even more important to be measuring team time against minimum wage.

Rosters and Annual Leave entitlements:

Rosters make up an important component of any employment contract as Rostered Days Off have tremendous value to employees. There are a wide range of roster patterns from 19:2 to 5:2 with many variations in between . The difference between the rosters listed is 70 Rostered Days Off. These rosters listed and all those that fall in between are all represented by differing numbers of Annual Leave days an employee is entitled to. For example, there are 5 1/2 days difference in Annual Leave days in the two roster scenarios above.

Apart from using our Roster Builder to measure Annual Leave days there is also the ability to use it day to day with whatever the farm/ staff requirements might be. Our Roster builder easily takes care of Annual Leave, Relief staff, changing rosters, swapping rosters and so on. Our Roster report keeps track of actual days taken vs actual days of entitlement….the roster derived from the Employment contract.

Transparency for Employers and Employees:

As an employer you are required to keep records of hours worked and a comprehensive measure of leave balances. If paper and spread sheets have been your past, then Agrismart should be considered part of your future for the following reasons:

  • Just so that your team are comfortable that you accurately looking after their best interests.
  • Accurately measure all annual leave from number of annual leave days based on the roster from the employment contract.
  • Accurately measure all Rostered Days Off based on the roster form the employment contract.
  • Measure all salaried staff against minimum wage for each pay period
  • Measure Alternate Days and Sick Leave
  • Measure Statutory Days worked correctly
  • Take all top-ups directly through to our purpose built Tailored payroll created solely for the NZ Dairy Industry.

And beware of payroll and time-sheet outfits that have ridden in to town to have a wee dabble in the dairy industry when they normally look after little town businesses where the staff work 5 days a week and 8 hours a day. This scenario is all too common but unfortunately those systems struggle to get it right.

So, there is a fair bit in this name Agrismart. There is actually a whole lot more than in this article as well, Health and Safety , document storage, the option to have a full contracting module from customers through to Invoicing, and Payroll management services. 

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