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How to conduct a payroll audit for a New Zealand employee

11 court cases in four months have been determined to be of interest to Employment New Zealand and those in finance, payroll, and HR positions. AgriSmart guarantees compliance and makes sure that no matter what happens your business pays people correctly. Our team has built a six-step audit that any business can follow to make […]


Are you ready for the PAYE changes which become mandatory April 1, 2019? From 1 April 2019, it will become a mandatory requirement to file an Employment Information (EI) return online every payday, instead of filing an Employer Schedule (IR348) every month. The Employer Deduction form (IR345) will be filed separately as usual. Your filing […]


TimeSmart software has been around in one form or another for over 10 years, with Time and Attendance and Full Job Costing being our cornerstone features. In 2015, AgriSmart was tailored to address certain pain points around staff management in the NZ Dairy Industry. This was to specifically deal with Time and Attendance, Minimum Wage requirements, […]

Leave it at your own peril

From time to time businesses of varying sizes and across different industries are made examples of by the media in relation to inaccuracies found in methodology used to calculate various staff leave types. Accuracy, and to some degree awareness, of leave types, how they are measured and ultimately how they are applied, can, in reality, be a […]

Software built for NZ Dairy Farmers

Right throughout the animal kingdom there are examples of various types of mimics. Here in NZ we have our own selection of mimics. We have the Tui who can accurately mimic the call of the Bellbird. We have the common Blackbird and sometimes even the Starling who will occasionally mimic the sound of the telephone […]

Why is MBIE Focusing Their Employment Audits on Dairy Farmers?

We often see articles in various media about breach in employment law within the Dairy Farming sector. So why does it make more headlines than other industries? Is the dairy industry being singled out and picked on unreasonably? To answer this, we need to understand the relevant legislation and then identify what is peculiar about […]

Timesheet Compliance

The New Zealand Dairy Farming industry has played a pivotal role in the New Zealand economy for the past near decade. As farm sizes continue to grow, New Zealand dairy farmers are coming under increased pressure by the Department of Labour to keep accurate timekeeping records as they move further away from their primary role […]

Farming, Timesheets, and Minimum Wage Requirements

We all feel overworked and underpaid, but none so than those in the Dairy Farming Industry.  The average Dairy Farmer will work a minimum of 50 hours per week and during peak times it can be ALOT more. They’ll have to turn up whether it’s raining, hailing or the sun is beating down on them. […]


Apart from the fact that recording hours and leave for your team is actually a legal requirement there are other benefits to be gained from accurate time recording. From a HR/ holistic point of view accurate time recording actually promotes trust. As an employee knowing that your hours of work and your leave balances are […]