One-click reporting

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Top 8: one-click reports run by our clients

  1. Pay periods Report
  2. Unit remuneration report- shows you detailed calculations of the pay
  3. Contract rate Top-up  Choose the date range ( usually the current pay period and see who is making the contract rate on a daily basis. Some clients adjust the “Daily Contract” rate for employees when they see someone hasn’t made the contract rate on any given day)
  4. Hours worked per pay period report. This report is useful for determining how many hours employees work in a given period. Employers usually use this report for their team that work variable hours during the year. They can update their hours worked in team manager ( say quarterly) to ensure they get paid the correct amount for any leave that they take
  5. Job Cost to Salary and Wages Paid Reconciliation – This report reconciles the amount they get paid to where each component of their time has been put to.
    • Column M calculates how much they should have been paid based on all the different components ( Job cost, AL, SL etc)
    • Column  N displays how much should go through in the payslip based on the hours worked and or the piece rates
    • Column P shows the Gross Amount that has pulled through into the Payslip
    • Column Q calculates any variance between how much they should have been paid ( M) and how much that should have gone through into the payslip (N)
    • Column R displays the actual gross amount in the payslip
    • Column S calculates the variance between what should have pulled into the payslip (N) and the actual amount that pulled through to the payslip (P)
    • Column T shows the Net Amount after all the deductions
    • Column X calculates any variances between what should have been paid out to the employee and the actual amount paid
  6. Job Costing Report – choose the pay period and see what jobs the time has gone to.
  7. Statutory Holiday calculator- This is for people that work variable hours and no fixed work pattern. Select the date of the stat-day and the report will display the number of hours worked on the same day of the week as the stat day selected for the last 4 weeks. If an employee works 3 or more days on the same day in the last 4 weeks, then the calculator works out that they are entitled to be paid for that stat day and also calculates the number of hours of entitlement.
  8. Bonus and Extra payments ( under Payroll tab) – allows you to quickly assign extra payments