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  • Use our powerful in-built payroll function to ensure seamless integration between Timesheets and Payroll
  • Easily cater for bonus payments and extra pays, you simply record the amount and the tax is automatically calculated
  • Final pay calculations are done within minutes, Agrismart automatically does the appropriate calculations based on whether the employee has been employed for more or less than 12 months and takes into account any alternate leave balances and prompts you through any entitlement to statutory holidays after the date of cessation of employment
  • Our Payroll for the Horticultural Industry ensures you are fully compliant with MBIE. No more spreadsheets trying to calculate minimum wage top-ups and paid breaks, it is all covered when timesheet entries are recorded


  • The team enter their time into their phones
  • Time is automatically measured against minimum wage each pay period
  • Ability to record units picked and time taken to pick those units for minimum wage calculations in the horticulture industries
  • Recording time taken to pick units also automatically calculates the number of paid breaks an employee is entitled to
  • All leave balances are automatically measured and easy to put your finger on
  • Full reporting on hours and leave
  • Administrators have a fully interactive dashboard

Task management

  • Schedule the team’s tasks from who is bringing poles and posts to complex procedures
  • Easy to use drag and drop function
  • Staff pick up their tasks on smartphones

Job Costings

  • The ability to record hours worked to a job using three parameters –Block/Client, Crop/Variety, and Activity.
  • Smart code feature to allow you to keep track of costs for each season, so you can easily retrieve and compare the results from one season to the next
  • The hours recorded in the system flow into the in-built job costing module.
  • Ability to add other costs such as fertiliser into the job
  • Ability to add implement/machinery running costs to the job (can be done by employees using their phones.
  • Ability to create budgets for each activity and the recording of time will automatically be measured against that activity’s budget, thereby highlighting variances that need to be investigated without any further manipulation of data ( particularly useful when developing blocks).
  • Easily apportion costs of a supplier invoice amongst multiple jobs
  • Numerous existing reports giving a breakdown of costs and hours worked.

Roster Builder

  • Build your staff rosters for the entire season in minutes….best roster builder in the industry!
  • Easily adjust to accommodate staff leave
  • Drag and drop relief staff on to the roster calendar
  • Staff pick up their Roster on smart phones
  • Only Roster builder that measures total number of annual leave days based on your farm roster


More information coming soon.

Additional features

  • Have multiple farm units on a single licence.
  • Allow others to access your AgriSmart™ for any reason: pay runs, directors, trustees, consultants etc. offering full transparency.
  • All staff records (Time, Leave, Contracts, meeting notes, audits, and other documentation) can be held in one place and accessible anywhere you have an internet connection.

Health and Safety

  • Your Agrismart Health and safety module comes with pre populated risks and control actions to make it easy for you to start complying with the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015)
  • Easily delete non relevant risks from the pre populated list or add additional specific risks
  • Colourful Dashboard displaying KPI’s, such as no of risks identified, no and types of incidents
  • Easily add in risks, associated location, all notes, actions and tasks
  • Online induction process for employees and contractors
  • Incidents recorded quickly, upload photos/videos
  • Hazardous substances register
  • Equipment service history
  • Emergency procedures
  • Messaging – Communications to phones for action
  • Customise your templates to suit your farming/horticultural or agricultural contracting business
  • Full Induction process
  • List employee skills
  • Document storage for all Health and safety meetings

Unit tracking

  • Custom units can be paid, tracked, cost, budgeted for, and measured.
  • Bays, buckets, bins, bushels, bags, rows, rounds, or any other metric
  • We help organisations understand what’s happening on their property
  • real-time data tracking and analysis

Spray diary

Come information coming soon

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